Elementary Morning Drop Off Procedures

  1.  Enter the Middle/High School Entrance and pull up as far as possible along the curb in what is called the “Drop Off Zone” before allowing children to exit your vehicle.

  2. All children must exit from the passenger side of the car.  Children SHOULD NOT be exiting the driver’s side of the vehicle for the safety of the children.

  3. Drivers should remain in the car at all times.  If your child needs assistance and you must exit your vehicle you are asked to please pull into the parking lot and park before exiting.  The drop off zone is a NO PARKING ZONE.

  4. Anyone who needs to walk to the door should park their car and use the crosswalk, cars are expected to yield to pedestrian traffic on the crosswalk.

  5. Most importantly, please remain patient.  Do not pass vehicles in the “Drop Off Zone” while students are exiting vehicles.